“Kao Hom Sukho”
is our premium grade of unpolished organic rices, carefully hand Kao Klong Hom Dam” (Black fragrant unpolished organic rice), “Kao Klong Hom Dang” (Red fragrant unpolished organic rice), “Kao Klong Hom Mixed” ( Mixture of unpolished organic rices), and “Kao Si Chomphu” (Pink semipolished  organic rice)

With an aim to promote social benefit, certain area around Sukhothai Airport has been gradually converted into green area starting about ten years ago . Initially with rice farming experiment in small field without using any chemical we accumulated learning experiences little by little before venturing into larger and larger space until setting up the Organic Agriculture  Project, Sukhothai Airport as we can see today.

Up till now we fully realized that “Organic Agriculture” along the  sufficiency pathway” is the answer to keep a smile on every living face.

Thus, we are glad to have a part in the production of safe food for consumers and to have friendly relation with environment, as well as to provide  supporting effort to broadening the expansion of organic agriculture system in Thailand.


“Grand Pa and Grand Ma Paddy Field”
By the end of rainy season and the beginning of winter we shall take you back in time to observe the farming practice in the old days in the land area we dubbed “Grand Pa and Grand Ma Paddy Field” .The Thai way of life decades back ,when the whole farming process from ground preparation until harvesting of rice had to depend upon  human and buffalo labor forces, will be set up for demonstration. You will be able to familiarize with various farming tools and equipments  which would reflect Thai wisdom and innovation in the old days.

Demonstration and participation in these old ways of farming practices will be available for your experience starting in  October 2009.

“Outdoor Classroom”
For those who are interested to have personal experience  about organic agriculture we offer  to have you try out farmer’s life, replanting young rice plants in the field, handling scythe to cut rice ears for harvesting, planting vegetables , cutting vegetables from planting bed, making micro organic fertilizer, etc.
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