For those seeking close contact with organic agriculture you can participate in the activities of the Outdoor classroom to learn and actually join the work in the project with the real organic farmers being your guide.

There are 3 courses of the outdoor classroom offered for your choosing at your level of interest as followed:-

Recommended for those with less time and need to get an overall picture of organic agriculture.

Detail of Activities

Recommended for those seeking knowledge about farming in the old days and the growing of organic vegetables in short.

Detail of Activities

Recommended for those who want to spend full time to learn and join the organic agriculture activities in full.

Detail of Activities

Farmers clothes and rubber shoes have been arranged for those who would like to join activities of the outdoor classroom such as transplanting and harvesting. Three types of housing accommodation are available for tourists namely home stay style, bungalow style at Rai Sbai Sbai resort, and hotel style at Sukhothai Heritage Resort.

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